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Brokenhead's last
"Prairie Sentinel"

Proudly Standing in Tyndall, Manitoba since the 1940's

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Diamond in the Rough

The only remaining wooden grain elevator in the Brokenhead area – and in the Eastern Manitoba region, for that matter – is the Tyndall Elevator.

With this in mind, the Pioneer Village Museum in Beausejour, Manitoba has embarked on an ambitious plan to save, relocate, and refurbish the Tyndall Elevator.  At the root of this vision is a desire to preserve our past and prevent the demolition of our last “prairie sentinel”. 

This website is dedicated to all who came before us, and is designed to remember this "Prairie Sentinel" in her glory days.

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About the Elevator

Our Overlooked Historical Gem

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Brokenhead's Origins

Agriculture at its Roots

Backing the title of Eastern Manitoba’s agricultural capital, the Brokenhead area was home to numerous elevators throughout it’s history.  Sadly, these days of grain elevator dominance are now just a memory. 

Beausejour’s once-imposing “elevator row” is long-gone, with the last elevator falling victim to demolition in 2012.  The only remaining wooden grain elevator in the Brokenhead area – and in the Eastern Manitoba region, for that matter – is the Tyndall Elevator.

For anyone growing up in the RM of Brokenhead, farming was a celebrated way of life.  The importance of this industry, this way of life, is best depicted by the official seal of the Municipality.  Displayed in the most prominent position of the municipality’s seal resides an image of a grain elevator.

As the RM of Brokenhead, and society in general, progresses into the future, the importance of preserving our past becomes more relevant than ever before.  The preservation of artifacts, exhibits, and physical structures serves to pay homage to those who came before us, and provide inspiration for those who will lead our community into the future.


The Tyndall Elevator

A Timeless Original

The Tyndall Elevator is an original 35,000-bushel wooden grain elevator in the village of Tyndall, Manitoba, a community in the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead on the former CPR mainline (later, the Lac Du Bonnet Subdivision).  It was built in the 1940s for the Lake of the Woods Milling Company. It replaced an earlier elevator at the site, built in 1918 by the Harper Construction Company, that was disassembled.

In November 1959, the elevator was sold to Manitoba Pool Elevators and, the following year, its operation was taken over by a farmer-led cooperative, the Tyndall Co-operative Elevator Association. In 1960, a 30,000-bushel balloon annex was constructed on its west side. 

Modernization and Centralization

Sweeping Changes... Large Farms get Larger

In 1971, the results of an analysis by Manitoba Pool showed that “the farmers concerned could be reasonably well served at neighboring points, so that the cost of the small unit could be eliminated without significantly increasing the cost to farmers or to neighboring elevators.” The elevator at Tyndall closed in July 1971 and was sold to the Tyndall Grain Corporation, a privately licensed grain brokerage owned by the Bialek Family, originally from the Hazelglen area. 

The CPR rail line was abandoned around 1990 but the elevator continued to operate as an inland storage facility, with grain transported by trucks.

The Bialek family continued to operate the elevator through the early 2000’s, having passed from Edward Bialek (Father) to Randy (Son) in the early 1990’s.  Throughout the Bialek Family’s ownership, several upgrades to the facility were made, including: the “tinning” of roof structures on the facility, the “tinning” of the exterior elevator structure, and the addition of a Vertec natural gas grain dryer to the south of the complex.

The Tyndall Elevator closed around 2012 as the need for large, bulk storage declined, and the sheer size of today’s grain transportation infrastructure rendered the elevator obsolete.

Source for portions of the information included above: Manitoba Historical Society.


Something to Save for Future Generations

To Succeed in the Future... We must Remember the Past

This elevator has a tremendous heritage value to the area, as it:

  • Is the last remaining wooden grain elevator in Eastern Manitoba.  

  • Was located on the “original” CPR mainline that passed from Molson through East Selkirk. This former mainline was built as a condition of Canada’s confederation in 1867.

  • Presents visitors with a glimpse back to the past, and pays homage to the area’s most prominent citizens: the farmers.

  • Provides with community with unparalleled tourism potential, forming an immediate additional “draw” to the area. 

  • Is one of the last remaining “original” (non-upgraded) country elevators in the Province of Manitoba.  All of the original spouts, elevation equipment, and scales remain preserved and in-tact.

A timeless video highlighting the importance of local grain elevators in the history of the Canadian prairies, and why we must save "The Beacon" in Tyndall, Manitoba.

"Grain Elevator"
By Charles Konowal

Harvest our Past... Sow the Future: Quote

September 30, 2012 - The fall of a GIANT. Beausejour's "Pool A" elevator, the last vestige of the town's famed "elevator" row is demolished.  To-date, redevelopment efforts at this site have been plagued by delays and controversy.

A sad day
in the history of Beausejour and Brokenhead.

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What if YOU could be part of History?


It's one thing to have pictures... but it's another thing to see it, to feel it, to touch it, to smell it. -RB

Harvest our Past... Sow the Future: Quote

Photo Gallery

Take a "virtual" trip through time to the Tyndall Elevator!  These photos have been collected from various community events held in support of the Tyndall Elevator over the past number of years.

BBHS254 low.jpg
BBHS259 low.jpg
BBHS256 low.jpg
Harvest our Past... Sow the Future: Gallery
Annotation 2019-12-21 234218.png

Tour the Tyndall Elevator!

Ever wonder what the inside of a vintage, all-original prairie grain elevator looks like? For those who haven't made it out to the Tyndall elevator, here's your all-access pass!

Over the summer / fall of 2019, we captured as much of the Tyndall elevator site and structure as possible, just in case things are not moved to and / or preserved by the Pioneer Village Museum in Beausejour, Manitoba.

Here's one small part of our endeavors - what we believe is Canada's FIRST virtual panoramic grain elevator tour! 

Instructions: Click the link below.  To tour the elevator, simply click on each "orb" visible on-screen. The tour is shot and compiled in high-resolution 3-D photography, and you can visit every level within the structure, head to the annex for a bird's eye view from the catwalk, or peruse the grounds of the site to scale-up the size of this "prairie sentinel"!

Harvest our Past... Sow the Future: Image

In the News:

It's no secret... the Tyndall Elevator has garnered a TON of FREE publicity for the Brokenhead area!  Take a look at what has been said about the Tyndall Grain Elevator below!

Harvest our Past... Sow the Future: News

CJOB Tyndall Elevator Update

February 27, 2018

The "big meeting" is discussed with CJOB's Hal Anderson on the afternoon show.  Hal also shares personal stories of grain elevators from his youth!

Elevator Talk on the Rise

February 22, 2018

An update on the Tyndall Elevator project, including an important upcoming date - February 27th.  On February 27th, the Town of Beausejour will evaluate the Pioneer Village Museum's plan to relocate the Tyndall elevator to the Beausejour-based museum.

Last Ones Standing

December 27, 2017

 An excellent presentation on the state of Manitoba's wooden grain elevators, and the efforts to preserve them within the province. The Tyndall Elevator project was recapped in the presentation! Huge thanks to CTV News, Dr. Gordon Goldsborough, and all contributors!

CTV National News

October 1, 2017

Jill Macyshon reports with Sandie Rinaldo on the rally to save one of the last wooden grain elevators in operating condition from demolition in eastern Manitoba.

Campaign to Save Piece of History in Tyndall Ramps Up

September 28, 2017

The Selkirk Record wrote about what we’re hoping to do in Tyndall – and the community’s response – on Page 2.

Plan B for Tyndall Elevator

September 21, 2017

Mel Stefaniuk from "The Clipper Weekly" in Beausejour writes a great update on t he Tyndall Elevator Project, including challenges and next-steps!

CTV News - Winnipeg

September 15, 2017

Thanks to Josh Crabb and crew for the great interview! Fingers crossed that we'll make things happen!

Good news tonight... a large Manitoba charity is looking at the possibility of partnering with us - provided the structure is preserved on-site in Tyndall!

Fight to Save Sentinel

September 6, 2017

Thanks to Phil Hossack and Randy Turner from the Winnipeg Free Press for their coverage of the Tyndall Elevator Project, and the goals & challenges ahead!

Abandoned Manitoba

May 7, 2017

In collaboration with CBC Manitoba, the Manitoba Historical Society is drawing attention to unique, abandoned historic structures around the province.

The Tyndall Elevator Project was discussed in detail by the host, Dr. Gordon Goldsborough.

Tyndall Elevator Heyday Remembered

March 16, 2017

Our day with the "elder" farmers is in the history books, and was summarized by the Clipper Weekly. Great write up by Mel Stefaniuk!

Prairie Skyscraper on Standby

February 9, 2017

Mel Stefaniuk from the Clipper Weekly discusses plans to relocate the Tyndall Elevator to the Pioneer Village Museum in Beausejour, Manitoba.

One Step Forward, Two Back

May 12, 2016

Mel Stefaniuk from the Clipper Weekly details the trials and tribulations with the Tyndall Elevator Project - specifically the lack of support from the Beausejour Town Council.

This Old Elevator

January 29, 2016

The Tyndall Elevator was featured in "This Old Elevator" published in the Manitoba Co-operator with the assistance of the Manitoba Historical Society.

Check back frequently for the latest media articles and features!  Looking to stay current with up-to-the-minute news on the Tyndall Elevator Project?  Visit us on Facebook and "Join" our movement

Letter of Support

Mr. Wayne Ewasko
MLA Lac Du Bonnet

The heavy-hitters support the pereservation of the Tyndall Grain Elevator!  To the right, find a letter of support from Mr. Wayne Ewasko, our MLA in the Lac Du Bonnet Constituency.

Mr. Ewasko has been instrumental in supporting the Tyndall Grain Elevator Preservation Project, directing efforts to possible funding avenues, recommending project supporters, and ensuring that the Tyndall Elevator is preserved - in one way, or another.

Thanks for your support, Mr. Ewasko!

Wayne Ewasko - MLA
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Download our Presentation

Click here to view and/or download our current presentation materials. 

Options for saving the Tyndall Elevator, costing models, data on public support, and Frequently Asked Questions are detailed in this presentation.

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